Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.
Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.
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Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.

Serving the life of science and
technology civilization.

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About us
Enterprise Honor
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  • In January, twenty more Desay products were accredited as Hi-Tech Products of Guangdong Province, altogether 53 new Desay products had gained the accreditation over the past three years.
  • In January, Desay SV Automotive got AEO Advanced Certification from the Customs.
  • In January, the H series carbon fiber leasing screen and X series indoor and outdoor universal high-end arc leasing screen of Desay Intelligent won the German IF award of 2019.
  • In March, the H series carbon fiber leasing screen of Desay Intelligent won the 2019 German Red Dot Design Award.
  • In April, Desay Automation obtained the certificate of IPMS (Intellectual Property Management System), becoming the first Desay enterprise to gain the standard certification of intellectual property.
  • In June, DESAY Corporation won the 2018-2019 "Huizhou Charity Contribution Award" at the ceremony of "Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day" in Huizhou.
  • In June, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the results of the 2018 annual information disclosure assessment of listed companies, and both Desay Battery and Desay SV Automotive were awarded the highest grade of "A" in the 2018 annual information disclosure assessment.
  • In August, DESAY Corporation won the 2018 "Cotton Cup" Copper Cup Award of Guangdong Poverty Alleviation.
  • In August, at the 40th Anniversary Conference on the Promotion of Total Quality Management and the commemoration on the founding of the China Association for Quality (CAQ) held in Beijing, Desay SV Automotive was awarded the prestigious China Quality Award, becoming the first enterprise to win this honor in China's automotive electronics industry.
  • In August, Guangdong Enterprises Federation and Guangdong Entrepreneurs Association released the list of Guangdong’s Top 500 Companies in 2019, and DESAY ranked 83rd, eight places up from 2018.
  • In September, the China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association jointly unveiled the ranking of China's Top 500 Manufacturers in 2019, and DESAY ranked 294, 42 places up from 2018.
  • In November, at the 2019 5G Terminal Innovation Summit and the 7th China Mobile Design Competition Swan Award ceremony, Desay Battery's "large-capacity and fast-charging mobile phone battery solution" won the the award of the "Best Intelligent Terminal Solution of the Year".
  • In December, the Industrial Design Center of Desay SV Automotive was awarded the qualification of "National Industrial Design Center" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
  • In December, Huizhou Desay Battery company obtained AEO advanced certification from the Customs.
  • In January, thirteen Desay products were accredited as hi-tech products of Guangdong Province. Over the past three years, 46 Desay products were recognized as hi-tech products of Guangdong province.
  • On January 30, the T series fine pitch LED TV of Desay Intelligent was awarded the German iF design Award in 2018.
  • In February, Desay SV Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. was rated on the list of "Green Factory" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).
  • In March, QC team of Blueway Electronics’ Quality Department was awarded as “Jinguo Civilization Position” of Guangdong Province, praising women’s good performance.
  • In April, 31 project high-speed automation team of Huizhou Desay Battery won May 1 Labor Prize of Guangdong Province.
  • In May, Desay SV Automotive, Desay Battery, Blueway Electronics, BNET and Desay Precision Parts obtained the accreditation of 2017 National Hi-tech Enterprise, among which BNET and Desay Precision Parts gained the award for the first time. Altogether, there are 10 direct affiliates of Desay Corporation won the accreditation, including Desay Automation, Desay Intelligent.
  • In June, in the 2018 Huizhou “Charity and Happiness Hiking”ceremony, DESAY Corporation donated two million yuan and won 2017-2018 “Huizhou Charity Contribution Award” .
  • On June 10, Shenzhen Desay Science and Technology Building was awarded the title of "small and micro enterprise entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base of Guangdong Province" by Guangdong Economic and Information Commission.
  • In August, DESAY Corporation ranked as the 33rd on the list of 2018 Top 100 (32rd) China Electronics and Information Enterprises.
  • In August, DESAY Corporation was listed as 91st in 2018 Top 500 Guangdong Enterprises.
  • In August, DESAY Corporation, Desay Battery and Desay SV Automotive were selected as Huizhou Integrity demonstration Enterprise.
  • In September, DESAY Corporation ranked 336th in the Top 500 China Manufacturing Enterprises.
  • In September, Chairman CHEN Chunlin was honored as “outstanding figure of China's auto industry commemorating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up”.
  • On September 27, the intelligent driving assistant system of Desay SV was listed as 2018 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), and also won the honor as national AI application pilot demonstration project.
  • On November 19, Zhongkai Desay Future Industrial Town was listed in the second batch of 54 provincial featured towns cultivation pool.
  • On October 30, Desay SV was honorably listed in the Top 100 Chinese Auto Parts Enterprises published by Automotive News China.
  • In December, DESAY ranked 20th on list of 2018 Top 100 Guangdong Innovations published by Guangdong Intellectual Property Protection Center and Guangzhou Daily Press Group.
  • In December, Desay SV’s “a method of gesture recognition based on coordinate transformation (Patent No.: ZL201410271688.7)” gained 2018 China Patent Excellent Award.
  • In December, Desay SV won the title as Excellent Intelligent Connected Supplier of the 15th China Top 100 Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers.
  • In December, the legal team of DESAY Corporation and Legal Department’s general manager Mr. YU Xiaohai were honored as National Top 10 Legal Departments and National Top 10 Legal Directors respectively.
  • In December, Desay SV won gold award of the conceptual design group in the final of the 9th Guangdong “Provincial Governor Cup” industrial design competition, and Desay Intelligent’s three products including LED HD advertising player won excellence award of the special competition of product design group.
  • In Feb., Desay SV successfully applied as Guangdong province supply chain management pilot enterprise.
  • In Feb., QC team in Quality Department of Blueway Electronics won the honor of “Huizhou municipal March 8 Red-Banner Groups”. FA11-2 Navigation Production Line of Desay SV and management team of Manufacturing Department in Blueway were honored as “Huizhou municipal women civilization post”.
  • In April, the Labor Party of Desay Battery won the honor of “2015-2016 Huizhou municipal Grassroot Labor Party Excellent Institute”.
  • In June, during the Huizhou “Charity and Happiness Hiking” and Poor Helping and Poverty Alleviation Day, Desay Corporation donated one million yuan and won 2016-2017 “Huizhou Charity Contribution Award”.
  • In September, Desay SV was honorably listed in 2017 China Top 100 Auto Parts Companies.
  • In October, Desay SV won the award of China Electronics Information Industry Quality Brand Building Excellent Enterprise.
  • In November, Desay SV was commented as 2017 China Customer Experience Innovation Pilot Enterprise.
  • In February, Desay SV won 3rd price of Guangdong Provincial Technical Award with the study “Research and development of electric vehicle battery thermal management system and electric compressor energy-saving control technology”.
  • In March, Desay Corporation, Desay SV, Desay Battery, Blueway Electronics, and Desay Intelligent were listed as “Gazelle Enterprise”of Zhongkai Hi-tech Zone.
  • In April, Desay SV won “2016 Guangdong Province May Labor Day Award”.
  • At the same time, Desay SV was accredited as “Guangdong Province Industrial Design Center”.
  • In June, Desay Corporation won Huizhou city 2015-2016 “Charity Contribution Award”.
  • In August, Desay SV won Zhongkai “Special Contribution Award for Talent Work”. Thirty-four employees in Desay were included in “Kaixuan Talents Plan”.
  • In October, on the 15th China Automotive Motor and Electronics Leader Forum, Desay SV was honored as “Top 10 Automotive Electronics Component Suppliers in China” and its Chairman Tan Choon Lim was honored as “Outstanding Entrepreneur”.
  • In the same month, Desay SV was accredited as Advanced Enterprise in National Intellectual Property Rights. Desay SV and Blueway Electronics were certified as Guangdong Provincial Innovation-oriented Enterprises.
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